Canberra Speech and Language

Collaborative, personalised and evidence-based speech pathology

Canberra Speech and Language provides family-centred, personalised and evidence-based speech pathology services to children and adolescents in Canberra and the surrounding areas of NSW. We also provide tele-health services for children and adolescents with speech sound difficulties across Australia.

​Special interests at Canberra Speech and Language include: speech sound disorders, cleft palate, early language, bilingualism and hearing impairment.

​Our speech pathologists are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists and are members of Speech Pathology Australia.


Our services

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Initial diagnostic speech pathology assessments.

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Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and Director


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Do you love collaborating with families to coach and help them problem solve and support their children’s communication goals? 

Are you interested in working for a small, established, well equipped, and friendly practice that prioritises collaborative client care and evidence-based speech pathology practice?

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